Business strategy

EQL Pharma is a generic- and specialty pharma company that provides cost-effective medicines to the Nordic market. Since 2009 the company focuses entirely on niche medicines in the areas of generics, original medicines and parallel imports, of which generics today is the main focus.

EQL Pharma is specializing on generic medicines that have little or no competition in the Nordic region. The reason for the limited competition is often that these medicines have a small sale globally, but a relatively larger turnover in the Nordic countries. The major international generic companies have so far not considered that these local drugs are of interest since the total turnover has been too small.

Since niche generics are not available as finished products EQL Pharma is running a comprehensive development scheme of such products in close cooperation with partners in India, Indonesia and China. The entry barrier for potential competitors is therefore significantly higher for niche generics than it is for common generics, since the niche products are proprietary to EQL Pharma. No other company has the opportunity to sell these niche generics without developing them themselves.