Vision, mission and values

Our vision

EQL Pharma will become a leading Nordic pharmaceutical company by offering a diversified product portfolio of high-quality niche generics at competitive prices.

Our mission

EQL Pharma’s business is based on simplicity, cost-efficiency and innovation. Our decisions are based on careful cost-benefit analyses and hence we can create value for shareholders, patients and the society.

Our values

We follow the procedures and guidelines, but are not afraid to find new ways to solve problems, or to adapt to changing market needs.

We never give up, but continue until a solution is in place. It is important to create results, set new goals and achieve them. We wish to constantly improve ourselves.

We achieve good results with limited resources, we strive for simplicity and clarity.

We stand behind our products and decisions and take full responsibility for that our affordable new medicines offer the quality and customer value that the market expects.

We cannot do it alone. We listen and learn from each other, regardless of location or function and adapt in order to take advantage of our collective resources and insights.

We are passionate in our commitment, and challenge status quo in order to find new and better solutions for our patients and customers.

Our aim is to achieve the highest possible standards in our processes, products and services, and provide a safe and rewarding work environment for our employees.