About us

EQL Pharma is an entrepreneurial pharmaceutical company focusing on simplicity and efficiency at all levels of the value chain in order to be able to deliver cost-efficient medicines of highest quality to pharmacies and hospitals, primarily in the Nordic region.

The company conducts extensive development activities in collaboration with partners in Asia, Europe and India. Our strategy is to develop generic medicines in areas where the competition is limited, so-called niche generics. We do not focus on specific therapeutic areas, but rather on the opportunities we can identify in the Nordic market for prescription medicines sold in pharmacies or used in hospitals.

Our entire business is based on us delivering the cheapest medicines to pharmacies and hospitals, in this way daily lowering the cost of high-quality drugs for patients and society.

Business Strategy

EQL Pharma focuses on niche generics, i.e. pharmaceuticals that have little or no competition despite lacking patent protection. The reason for the limited competition is that these drugs often have a small turnover globally, but a relatively larger turnover in a specific geography, such as a country or a region of countries. The larger international companies do not consider these drugs to be of interest in developing because the total continental or global turnover is too small.

EQL Pharma is specializing on generic medicines that have little or no competition in the Nordic region. The reason for the limited competition is often that these medicines have a small sale globally, but a relatively larger turnover in the Nordic countries. The major international generic companies have so far not considered that these local drugs are of interest since the total turnover has been too small.

As niche generics are not normally available for purchase, or license, as fully developed products, the company conducts extensive development work on these in close collaboration with partners in Europe, India and China. The entry barrier for potential competitors is therefore significantly higher for these niche generics than for regular generics, as these niche products are EQL Pharma’s own products. No other player has the opportunity to sell them without developing them themselves.